“I’m ready for the 28th & 29th July 2018”


All preparations are going really well. All fences are now painted, signs and arena boards are washed.

Cross country work is done with both water jumps entance and exits havin been regraded and trakhena ditches dug out.

30 tonnes of sand are on site for road crossngs and necessary landings. The BE equivator is booked and all areas will be springtine harrowed which according to the BE Groundcare expert improves the efficiency of the equivator.20180703_145752All of the site is old pasture land very lightly grazed by suckler cows and calves and there is excellent grass cover over the majority of the site. Where there is less I have used ares that have not been used for 20 years and they will be thoroughly equivated.

All reasonable efforts will be made to produce as good a ground as is possible. All regulars to Wilton will know that the ground always rides far better than it walks!!!

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